Prawesti Wulandari (Wulan)

Prawesti Wulandari (Wulan)
Research Assistant

Wulan obtained her BSc in Conservation Biology Universitas Nasional in 2015. During her time as a student, she was actively involved in various student organisations such as Sea Turtle and Waterworks for Study organisation. She initiated the establishment of UNAS’ Marine Conservation Club student society, and became the first head of the student society. In writing up her final dissertation, she took a study on coral reef structure. She has also written a scientific publication on Mangrove Forest Rehabilitation Post-Damage Management. After completing her study, she has been involved in several research projects on marine conservation and sustainable livelihood, and assessment of coral reef potentials in Kepulauan Seribu National Park, Jakarta. Apart from those, she has also worked as a research assistant for WWF Ujung Kulon National Programme, and as a Science Officer and Project Scientist at Barefoot Conservation Ltd. in Raja Ampat regency, West Papua. Currently holds a research assistant position at CSERM UNAS, she is strongly interested in research on marine and coastal biodiversity conservation, education on environment and nature, restoration and rehabilitation of coral reef ecosystem, and coastal sustainable livelihood.

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