Arfa’a Wulanda Agnia (Arfa)

Research Assistant

Arfa is a physics engineer currently pursuing Master’s degree in Sustainable Energy Engineering at STT PLN Indonesia. Her final bachelor degree project was focused on designing biosignal for personal-medical monitoring system with Internet of Things (IOT). Arfa was an intern at the Office for International Cooperation (OIC) and Centre for Sustainable Energy and Resources Management (CSERM), Universitas Nasional. In 2017, she was selected to participate in Global Leadership Development Programme at Far East University – South Korea. In 2019, she was awarded the Top Bachelor Graduate of the Year from Universitas Nasional. She brings expertise in collection and analysis of quantitative data relating to application of appropriate technology in local communities. She is actively seeking opportunities on research that tries to develop communities capacity in applying environmentally sustainable technology to improve their well-beings.

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