Dr. Tatang Mitra Setia

Dr. Tatang Mitra Setia (Tatang)
Research Fellow

Dr Tatang Mitra Setia is a scientist in CSERM and a lecturer in Faculty of Biology, Universitas Nasional. He obtained a Bachelor of Biology in 1986, and continued to MSc in Ecology Community at University of Indonesia. He attained his PhD in Biology at Universitas Indonesia in 2015. Since 1988 he has been a permanent lecturer at the Faculty of Biology UNAS, and since 2016 has also taught at the Graduate Master of Biology, the Graduate School of the UNAS. In addition to teaching, Dr Mitra Setia actively engages in activities related to: biodiversity conservation; research on biodiversity and primates; environmental education and nature conservation; community service activities around the conservation area; research on conservation and animals and primate behaviour; and active in the field of photography.

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