Nuzulia Mutika Sari (Lia)


Research Assistant

Lia obtained her B.Sc from Bogor Agricultural University with Biochemistry major in 2017. During her bachelor study, she was part of the Community of Research in Biochemistry, an internee in the Center of Applied Health Technology and Clinical Epidemiology, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia. In her penultimate year, she took interest in biology molecular specifically regarding enzymes from white-rot basidiomycetes for the isolation and purification process. Her bachelor thesis was published in the university website and local newspaper. After completing her study, she has been involved in research project under Forest Research and Development Agency (FORDA), Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Indonesia. Undertaking research on the potential fungal enzyme from local isolate of Indonesia as a prospective biomaterial for wastewater treatment. Nuzulia currently holds position as a research assistant for CSERM. She is involved in the GCRF Blue Communities Indonesia Case Study for well-being benefits and risks of coastal living project, as well as evidence synthesis project.

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