Dr. Asep Adhikerana (Asep)

Research Fellow

Dr. Adhikerana obtained his PhD in Biology (Behavioral Ecology) from University of St. Andrews, UK. He is an expert in forest management and conservation issues in Indonesia, and has been a qualified manager with more than 10 years of experience leading the research and implementation of conservation and environmental programs in Indonesia. He has experience in all aspects of program management, including administrative, financial, monitoring and technical matters related to biodiversity conservation and climate change in Indonesia (e.g., Sumatra and Kalimantan, Indonesia). Dr. Adhikerana promotes conservation-oriented best practices within Indonesian extractive industries, such as logging industries, coal mining industries, and palm oil estate-plantations. In so doing, he collaborates closely with those industries with unique experiences, where approaches to developing sustainable best practices to each type of industries have been different for each has its own business’ goals. In the issues of policy environment, mainstreaming the nature conservation into local spatial planning (both provincial and district levels) has been his extensive experience.

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