Virtual Workshop

4-6 August 2021

Apply to be an Early Career Researcher Participant here  (deadline: 30th June 2021)

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The Workshop is directed at stimulating innovative research connecting the interlinked issues of climate change and plastic waste ahead of the UNFCCC’s COP26 which will be held in Glasgow in November 2021.

The workshop is designed to encourage lateral thinking, flexibility, and adaptability in working together to create strong links between UK-based and Indonesian researchers and institutions to conduct research that is focused on reducing the risks and vulnerabilities of coastal communities in Indonesia.


This interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder workshop will explore the evidence required to connect the plastic waste and climate change problems in Indonesia. The aims of the workshop are as follows:

  • To develop an evidence base connecting the problems of marine plastic waste and climate change adaptation in Indonesia.
  • To stimulate research between the UK and Indonesia which examines the causes as well as the consequences of the combined problems of marine plastic waste and climate change adaptation in Indonesia
  • To catalyze interdisciplinary research projects that integrate scientific knowledge with an understanding of national and international development processes related to climate change and plastic waste
  • To develop the capacity of early career researchers to build and lead interdisciplinary and gender-balanced research teams
  • To support early career researchers to develop fundable project proposals that provide an evidence-base for policy making and action
  • To create a dynamic and responsive network of researchers in the UK and Indonesia who have the capacity to become mentors of future early-career researchers responding to complex and inter-connected global challenges.

Workshop Conclusion.

Participants will leave the Workshop with experience in building a case for action based on robust evidence, an understanding of the processes involved in developing successful interdisciplinary research projects, and with a network of contacts through which future research related to the problems of climate change and plastic waste can be developed.

Challenge Prizes.

The workshop will challenge participants categorized as early career researchers to develop three interdisciplinary research projects, who will be awarded with “Challenge Prizes” with a maximum total of £30,000 for all three prizes (ranges between £7,500 and £15,000).

Questions or Further Information.

Dr. Asep Adhikerana, CSERM UNAS,


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