Integrated Renewable Energy for a Resilient Aceh, 2016

Integrated Renewable Energy for a Resilient Aceh, 2016

Donor: British Council Newton Fund Institutional Links supported by Department of Marine and Fisheries (DKP)

Amount of funding: 100,000 GBP

Project partners: Robert Gordon University (CUSP-RGU), Universitas Syah Kuala (UNSYIAH), Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN) Aceh, Strategic Resource Initiative (SRI), Centre for Sustainable Energy and Resources Management (CSERM) UNAS

Project objectives:

  • Proof casing integrated renewable energy for aquaculture
  • Design prioritisation of renewable energy for added value products within quayside services, access and distribution
  • Needs identification of sustainable tourism practices
  • Capacity building & up-skilling local workforce for business development

Project summary:

In addressing energy & food security, improving maritime productivity is the main goal for Aceh. On-site observations & intensive stakeholder engagement by the project partners, shows that low productivity is largely due to low engagement with, and low aptitude for using appropriate, sustainable energy technology as business practice. New technologies require demonstration cases, visible to the community & of clear benefit. The collaboration is expected to raise productivity in Aceh by applying renewable energy systems and business management skills to existing & aspirational economic sectors, i.e. aquaculture, added value food products & sustainable tourism, and show how access to energy can support coastal communities engaged in these specific areas of national and provincial concern across Indonesia.

Supporting the socio-economic development in remote areas, small-scale renewable energy installations offer a way to establish a local business case to enhance and develop the livelihoods of remote communities. Community energy projects build resilience through provision of energy and food security by improving utility of community facilities, generating long-term revenue which offers the prospect of change at community level and encouraging acquisition of transferable skills, increasing volunteering and strengthening community groups, and promoting wider awareness of energy related and climate change issues.



Installation of Advanced Weather System at Aquaculture Ponds (Garniati, Syamsul, Abda, 2016)


Training local community members for data logger installation and data download


Wave power for pumping assessment in hatchery (Garniati, 2016)


IRE Systems design in UIN, UNSYIAH, and Public Space (Garniati, 2016)


Mukim, DKP, PU FGD and workshops


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