Threats of Proboscis monkey’s habitat in Kalimantan, Indonesia

Threats of Proboscis monkey’s habitat in Kalimantan, Indonesia

Donor: UNAS and FFI

Amount of funding: US 1,500

Project partners: Fauna and Flora International (FFI) Indonesia and Centre for Sustainable Energy and Resources Management (C-SERM) Universitas Nasional, Jakarta.

Project objectives: To review the current status of Prosboscis monkey’s habitat

Project summary:

The proboscis monkey Nasalis larvatus is endemic to the island of Borneo. The current status of their habitat distribution has been reviewed using recent studies for global forest change analysis and through land use-land cover data derived from landsat and Modis satellite image. The optimum habitat of N.larvatus is concentrated in the forest areas up to 5 km and 60 km distances from river side and coast line respectively.  The riverine and coastal forest areas which were predicted the most threatened of all vegetation types in Kalimantan have been changed due to uncontrolled development activities such as mining and oil palm plantation. There are nearly 8.21% or 4 million hectares of forest cover have been changed into non forest area in all Kalimantan districts from 2001 up to 2013.This natural habitat conversion would affect to the Proboscis monkey population. However, the existing policy on moratorium of logging might has a positive impact on protecting this species particularly the forest habitat along the river where the species distribution is concentrated.


 monyet bekatan

Bekatan feeds young leaves (Foto: Alex)

bekantan riversidek

  Habitat of Bekantan in the Matan Riverside, west Kalimantan (Foto: Alex)  

  forest habitat

 Burning of forest habitat along riverside for agricultural land (Foto: Alex)

 ilegal gold mining

Illegal gold mining along the riverside, the Habitat of Bekantan. (Foto: Alex)

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