C. Maharaja

Researcher for GCRF Blue Communities

C. Maharaja is an environmental scientist and a documentary filmmaker. He obtained his MSc degree from Brunel University, UK in the field of environmental science with a dissertation on the utilisation of a simple appropriate technology to help mitigate the risk of flooding in the UK. He then assisted research works in the UK and Germany looking into mapping and analysing ecosystem services, carbon sequestration and carbon loss from carbon rich landscapes, such as peatland and marshes. He has also spent the previous few years working on various documentary projects on social, environmental and cultural issues in Indonesia. His film works have been screened at a national TV station in Indonesia and various national and international film festivals. He is currently developing a participatory video approach to be applied in a documentary film with blind persons in Indonesia. He is also seeking to apply participatory approach in filmmaking in sustainable development and ecosystem service research settings.

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