Dr. Leuserina Garniati

Dr Nia Garniati


Nia’s main area of interest is in empowering communities to build indigenous resilience to environmental change and social marginalisation through equal access to basic resources distribution, such as sustainable energy, food and clean water. She has worked for more than 13 years with various local/multi-national NGOs and other third sectors, both UK and South East Asian Government institutions, and research communities in sustainability and knowledge exchange related projects and has created initiatives, administered sub-grants, and managed multi stakeholders’ partnerships for international development programmes funded by the United Nations Development Programme, UK-Department for International Development, Foreign and Commonwealth Office; British Council; and the World Resources Institute.
During her post in Robert Gordon University, she has contributed to the University’s Carbon Management Plan and designed and coordinated modules, presented lectures, co-supervised PhD students and MSc. students in Environmental Impact and Risk Management, and became the lead consultant responsible for Aberdeen City/Shire Energy Baseline Systems and its Sustainable Energy Action Plan. More recently, she co-initiated the establishment of the Centre for Sustainable Energy and Resources Management (CSERM) at the National University (UNAS) in Indonesia and co-founded SEATIS Ltd. in the UK to extend the capacity researchers and practitioners in delivering multi stakeholder and multidisciplinary sustainable energy implementation programmes.

Jl. Sawo Manila No. 61, Pejaten, Pasar Minggu, Jakarta 12520 Indonesia

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